Late Hon. Francis Odey
Late Hon. Francis Odey

Late Hon. Francis Odey

If death could be fought by men, Odey Francis Onawo (Hon) would have taken up arms against it for eternity. His works got unfinished, but the will of God has to prevail.

Odey Reagan Agada

Biography of late Honourable Odey Francis Onawo.


Late Odey Francis Onawo (Honourable) was born on the 1st day of January, 1944 to the family of late Mr. Odey Ikade and Madam Ibee Ebeze Alias (Afule) both of Wanikade in Yala Local Government Area of Cross River State.



Honourable Odey Francis Onawo had his early education at St Johns Primary School Wanikade from 1949 to 1955. The then usual terminal point for further education in those days.


Working life:

Late Honourable Odey, Francis Onawo was given to the Ngbogo traders for a trade experience. They He completed his trading experience at Ezekwe for the period of Three (3) years of the agreement as a cloth trader. He was trained by late Malam Joe, an Ngbogo trader. Hereafter, he became freed as he gained his freedom from this trade trading before the Civil war in Nigeria. He came out and performed in the trade affairs very perfectly, as he trained so many hands so numerous to mentioned. It was by this great personality and good leadership qualities projection that the then North Ukelle ward projected him as the Councilor for the ward in Ogoja Local Government Council of Cross River State, Nigeria by a consensus mandate.


Political Life:

Honourable Odey, Francis Onawo became the pioneer Councillor in the democratic dispensation after the Nigerian civil war and of course the reason for his designation Honourable.

His admirers will always remember his political roles as he never allowed his ward to be put to shame, especially in terms of political coverage, financial and otherwise. But because then it was the able that is called to represent his people. It was not a money making episode then as we are all experiencing today.

Religious Life:

Late Honourable Odey, Francis Onawo was baptised into the Catholic fold. Hereafter joined The Lutheran Church of Nigeria with the same baptismal episode of the Catholic Church. He remained an active member and chairperson of the then Lutheran Church of Nigeria Ukelle District and also in the church administrative ladder until the very Christian sleep came by.


Family Life:

Late Honourable Odey, Francis Onawo venture into marriage life out of the Christian experience by entering into a polygamous state in his early stage. He started with Madam Margaret Ekwok Oloko of southern part of Ukelle, who had no child for him which made him went into love with Mrs. Beatrice Omiligbe also had no child for him, then late Mrs. Obi Inaku Ede, Mrs. Lucy Igelle Lukpata, Mrs. Okata Uzo Mrs. Josephine Baba Odey who had carried the marital experience until this grief moment.


Social Life:

Late Honourable Odey, Francis Onawo would be remembered very much for his social relationship within and outside his fold. Because of this, his friends named their sons after him. He was so social that even when he had a change of alcohol taste, the friends will shift as well. He was so accommodating that those who are created with negative observation techniques gave him wrong behavioural status. Otherwise, he was representing the entire Ukelle in the Ukelle parliament with effective administrative system that majority accepts. He was as well the Pioneer Chairman National Union of Road Transport Workers (N.U.R.T.W) Wanikade branch for several years.


Until Death:

Late Honourable Odey, Francis Onawo took ill in January, 2015 and his health deteriorated seriously in November, 2016, after several medical attentions to many hospitals among which include Bethsida Hospital, Ikachi, Elim all in Benue State and Monaya Hospital Ogoja etc. however, the doctors diagnosed diabetes and some light stroke situation through these ill health defects; he finally breathed his last on the 11th day of November, 2016.



Late Honourable Odey, Francis Onawo is survived by Mrs. Josephine Baba Odey his caring loving and surviving persevering wife.

Late Hon. Odey, while delivering a speech as a councilor

Late Hon. Odey, while delivering a speech as a councilor


1. Odey Margaret Oloko Ekwok

2. Odey Gladys Ibe

3. Odey Beatrice Ebi

4. Odey Moses Odey Aduna (late)

5. Odey Reagan Agada

6. Odey Kieran Usili

7. Odey Emmanuel Igbang

8. Odey Josephine Baba

9. Odey Charity Uzo

10. Odey Iyede

11. Odey Basse

12. Odey Kingsley Lukpata

13. Odey Emilia Igelle.


Grand Children:

1. Okputu favour

2. Okputu Victory Uduma

3. Odey Francis Onawo (Jnr.)

4. Odey Viva Baba

5. Odey Kendra Igelle Ohayan

6. Ogiji Cleo-Indira Lukee

7. Ogumbe Francis Onawo etc.


Odey, Reagan Agada

(For The Family)

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