The MMM Promoters In Nigeria: The Blind Leading The Blind.


FG Set To Shut Down MMM, Other Wonder Banks From Operations In Nigeria


It is clear that Mr. Yinka Odeyemi has been brainwashed by his leader, because he just keeps repeating the same things that his leader told him. It is also easy, from his words, to see that greed is his main purpose for joining this organisation. Now he has become an instrument of lies and deceptions, telling people they will come out of poverty when they are taking their money away, even though they give them immediate gratification. This is another reason why scams like MMM must be rigorously fought against. He refuses to tell the truth about the end result of such schemes.

Yinka Odeyemi – Number 2 MMM Promoter In Nigeria

Yinka Odeyemi – Number 2 MMM Promoter In Nigeria

Even though questions were asked of him on how long the MMM in Nigeria would last, his answer reveals the fact that he and the other promoters know what they are doing, and that MMM will crash, with the millions of people involved losing their money. Mr. Yinka Odeyemi did not deny that the scheme would crash, but he was only busy telling people to postpone their hell for a later date, instead of helping them avoid it.


Mr. Yinka Odeyemi has talked himself into prosecution as well, by any legal standard. He was asking more people to bring in money so that they don’t lose their money at that point when it was just a small amount, but that they should get as many as possible, so that when it crashes, they would have not just brought from their family, but from their teachers, friends, neighbours, etc. creating an even greater tragedy. He confessed to teaching people the so-called ideology of MMM, which is the ideology of fraud, deceit and false hope.

It is a pity that these young Nigerians are so gullible and ignorant that they go on the internet and upload a video of themselves, hoping that they will not be prosecuted. But we all know that evil which goes unpunished only multiplies itself. That is why I call on EFCC to find a way of questioning people like Mr. Yinka Odeyemi.

On one hand, they are telling people they want to help them, but on the other hand, they are telling them there is no guarantee, while taking their money. So if there is no guarantee on the return of money, is that not a scam? What they do not know is that Mr. Mavrodi came up with the idea, which he had already been convicted for earlier. After he got out of prison, he came up with the trick of warning the participants from the outset that he was not to blame if they lost their money, thereby placing all the responsibility on the participants.

It is a pity that these young Nigerians are using grammar and big words like ideology, network, distribution, etc. to confuse the ignorant masses. Listening to them, I sometimes think they themselves are confused, and are ignorantly bringing more confusion to the already ignorant masses.


Mr. Yinka Odeyemi and others admit to being the masterminds of recruiting innocent Nigerians into the MMM scam. He and his team must become the scapegoats to prevent future occurrences. From their words, they are already qualified for lengthy jail terms.

Yinka Odeyemi, in this video, gave his job description as one convincing people about trust and patience. Even now that the company is on the verge of collapse, it is because of the activities of people like him that gullible participants hold on to false hope of thinking that they only need to have patience until the company resumes again in January. This is a result of his brainwashing them with false propaganda on trust and patience.

Please pay attention to the fact that I am not making all these conclusions and observations out of the blue, but taking their words and commenting on them.

“The stingy are eager to get rich and are unaware that poverty awaits them.” – Proverbs 28:22

Owolabi Temitope – Number 3 MMM Promoter In Nigeria

Mr. Owolabi Temitope is another promoter that tried to mix up unrelated information to confuse the unsuspecting public. He likened their activities in MMM to crowd funding. For anyone who knows what crowd funding is, it is clear that this is just a way to make their fraud look legitimate. Crowd funding is actually legitimate and a different way of support, which is through donation, without any expected returns or percentages. But in the case of MMM, it is what it is – a scam. So presenting MMM as crowd funding is like calling the colour black, white, and white, black. It is an intentional misinformation to gain people’s trust.

Moreover, Mr. Owolabi Temitope describes exactly what they’re doing, that they are not having any production process in place. He confesses that they only pay people with the money that new people bring in, which is the standard definition of a Ponzi scheme.So these people are using the ignorance of the Nigerian populace to sell their fraudulent activities, because most people don’t even know what a Ponzi scheme and pyramid is. Those who don’t have that information are unsuspecting, only believing what they are told. That is what makes this very dangerous.


Mr. Owolabi Temitope admits that he is one of those who trains the so-called guiders to mislead the public, making them to part ways with their money. On the other hand, they try to secure themselves by saying there is no guarantee, after they have brought in their money. What they are trying to say is, we have the right to run away with your money without you having any right to ask for it back, since we have warned you earlier that there is no guarantee.

As I have said earlier, this kind of scheme thrives off people’s trust, as Mr. Owolabi Temitope confirmed that this scheme works through people’s referral to their family members and friends. They abuse the trust of people, taking advantage of the unsuspecting customers.

“Dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow.” – Proverbs 13:11

Ola Favored – Public Relations Personnel

From the video presentation, Ms. Ola Favored only acted as the moderator, but she also wore an MMM t-shirt, meaning she is part of the system. The dangerous thing about her position is that she knows about the alarms and the red flags, but she refused to believe the facts in her hands. She rather foolishly followed those she trusted. Though there were no satisfactory answers given to the questions she asked, yet she went with the ride. She had made up her mind to believe the lies and follow her friends. Moreover, she made herself available as the face of deception of the masses in the interest of her company, MMM. There is no doubt that she too will have some questions to answer from the EFCC operatives.

Nemesis Will Come Calling

“There are three things in the world that deserve no mercy, hypocrisy, fraud and tyranny.” – Frederick William Robertson

I know that EFCC and other security agencies in the country might be unwilling to get themselves involved in this tragedy, because there are so many other cases to deal with in Nigeria. I however, believe that this type of scam is more dangerous to the very fundamentals of the society than some of the cases that they are taking to be their priority. If there will be no prosecution and punishment for this crime, then we are giving a carte blanche for similar offences in the future.


The interesting thing though about this kind of crime is that the fugitives will not escape justice. Even if Nigerian law enforcement agencies will not prosecute them, nemesis will catch up with them. First of all, they have gotten so many people involved who are on the verge of losing their money or have lost their money that it will rather be God’s favour if they are locked up in EFCC. That would be their best case scenario.

The alternative is that in a country like ours where jungle justice is celebrated, these so-called MMM promoters will need some extra deliverance sessions on their various prayer mountains. Otherwise, we all know what could happen if the masses get a hold of them in any of the streets of Lagos or Abuja.

I am feeling a lot of empathy for the parents, siblings and relatives of these young people, because by putting their videos and picture out there, they have simply endangered their loved ones. Even if they personally manage to run away, I am not sure all the family members and relatives will be able to escape the people’s wrath.

I want to use this opportunity to address the Nigerian youth, especially the unemployed and desperate ones. Some of you may be thinking that what I am doing is a waste of time, spending so many hours and days deliberating over MMM. This is only my fourth article. There are more to follow after this one. I know what I am doing. I am securing the future of our youth and the destiny of our nation, by bringing insight and illumination to them.


The next generation needs to know what is bad and why it is bad, what is wrong and why it is wrong, what to and not to be engaged in, what is worth you investing your time and life in and what isn’t worth investing your time and life in. It is my belief that the future generation that will read these articles will also learn how to stand for what is right, and how to fight by critical thinking and with the weapon of truth and the arrow of a pen.

“The pen is mightier than the sword.” – Edward Bulwer-Lytton

This article was written by Sunday Adelaja. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

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