This is an interview with one of Nollywood's lookout for - Maryanne Thomas.

Maryanne Thomas, was born may 5th 1985 in the state of Abia, Ohaofia Nkporo precisely in Nigeria. She is an actress & producer, also into travel agency. She is the CEO of Zealcivic Travel and concepts.

Maryanne Thomas

She joined the Nigerian movie industry (Nollywood) in the year 2004/2005. Born in a family of Seven (7), 5 girls and 2 boys, she's the 4th child.

I started with mercy Johnson, Ruth kadiri, Mary Remmy Njoku we were friends but due to the intensity of the industry as at then I left the industry to work with Harvard chamber as a marketer for a period of 10 years. Then I left Harvard chambers to start up my company. I had a diploma in acting with Mr Eliel Otete (ACT WORK) I have produced 3 movies, titled 'My LIFE' it's actually the first movie I produced. I also produced the comedy movie AMU ONYE while I co-produced the ARROGANT SERVANT with Krissyjoh.

Maryanne on the launch of Amu Onye

Currently, I am working with Horesh Thomas (HT Films) on a cinema movie in Lagos state.

So I believe am back n better. Very soon I am going to get there, you all keep your fingers crossed anticipate for more. God bless.

Maryanne & HT Films

Wrong Reason Movie with HT Films

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