‘It’s a great deal!’ Donald Trump HAILS Brexit as ‘very good’ for Britain AND Brussels

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DONALD Trump has applauded Britain's divorce from the European Union, as it will be a "great thing" for the country.

The US President claimed the EU has got its “act together” after fearing the bloc was on the brink of falling apart.

In an interview with the Financial Times, he said: "I think Brexit is very good for the UK, it is going to be very good for UK.

I would have thought when it happened that more would follow, but I really think the European Union is getting their act together. It could be a very good thing for both.

Donald J Trump - US President

President Trump, who was quick to praise Brexit after the EU referendum last June, has continuously boasted that he "predicted Brexit.

The 70-year-old added: "If you would have asked me that the day after the election… I would have said, 'Yeah, it will start to come apart'.

But they have done a very good job and - I am meeting with them very soon - they have done a very good job in bringing it back together."

But the Republican claimed the bloc has released a “different spirit" that was not there "when they were fighting with the UK


Trump said the crumbling superstate has “done a better job since Brexit."

He added:


I actually think it is going to be a great deal for UK, and I think it is going to be really, really good also for the European Union.

Donald J. Trump - US President

US President Donald J. Trump gets in the driver's seat of an 18-wheeler while meeting with truck drivers and trucking CEOs on the South Portico prior to their meeting to discuss health care at the White House in Washington, DC

The US President’s comments come after Britain initiated the process for quitting the EU last Wednesday, a move that prompted a more formal response from the White House. Sean Spicer, the White House spokesman, said: 

We respect the will of the British electorate and her majesty's government in taking steps of departing the European Union.

Whatever future the UK-EU relationship looks like, we want the UK to remain a strong leader in Europe.

Sean Spicer - the White House spokesman

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