Unkept room

Unkept room

Every man has a smooth idea of how they can get a girlfriend. Meet girl. Bring home. Get some. But it’s not that simple as each step can present a challenge of its own. The most important step that can help determine if you will get some is your home. Your home speaks volumes about your personality, and it can either work for or against you when it comes to women. Here are a number of things in your home than can affect your chances of getting Down With your girlfriend. says a lot about your level of awesomeness, and it can work for or against you with the ladies.

  • Pictures of Your Ex-girlfriends

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Women are naturally jealous creatures and you should probably put away all pictures of your ex-girlfriends, whether framed photographs of you and them or single pictures. Your new girlfriend will probably be perceptive and pay attention to everything in your home and if she sees anything suspicious, she just may be too angry to allow you get some.


  • Your Bathroom Soap

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While it may sound funny, something as small as a bath soap can get a girlfriend scurrying out of your house. Women are particular about hygiene and no girl wants to wash her hands with a grimy soap bar that is stuck to the sink counter. Correct this anomaly by getting either a bar soap or liquid hand wash. She will be grateful you did and may just show appreciation with something much more than words.


  • Not Having Hand Towels

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While you may think you don’t need more than your shower towel, your girlfriend probably thinks otherwise. Try and have a clean hand towel hanging in your bathroom, to help reduce her chances of air-drying or risk exposing your shower towel to certain types of germs.

  • Terrible Home Décor

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Having reading materials including books and magazines scattered around your home won’t be well appreciated by your visiting girlfriend. More so, having copies of exotic magazines in plain sight can do your reputation some damage. You’re no longer a teenager but a man attempting to interact and hold down a relationship with a grown woman. It’s time to put away those terrible teenage home décor and exotic magazines and if you must keep them, revert to them only during desperate times.


  • An Empty Kitchen

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While you may not be the type that cooks regularly, it is important you keep your kitchen stocked when you know you will have your girlfriend over. She will notice all the Subtle details you think are inconsequential and if she sees rotten foods or expired juice in your refrigerator, she just may leave you hanging dry.
Make sure you have your kitchen stocked with basic groceries such as snacks, cereals and anything that provide breakfast treats. As a plus, you can have a bottle of wine handy.


  • Dirty Plates

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Very few of us like doing the dishes but it is totally unacceptable for you to have dirty plates that are a week old on display in the sink buzzing with flies. You’d be lucky enough to even get a hug from your visiting girlfriend if this is the case. The obvious solution to this is to spend some time cleaning up and washing the dishes before your girlfriend arrives your home.


  • Unkempt And Unmade Bed

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While you may have clean bedsheets, if they are strewn and twisted all about your bed can be a huge turn-off to your girlfriend. Dirty sheets are the worst you can think of as she definitely doesn’t want to see the evidence of you being with other girls (if that’s her first time in your home).
Keep your bedding clean, sophisticated and inviting enough for her to always want to spend time there.

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