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Earning stages. 

The fact that you are here really shows that you want to change your financial status for good and am glad to announce to you that if you have been searching for a legitimate way of earning real passive income, today marks the end of your search and all your struggles. From this moment, just begin to talk off your poverty and talk in your wealth.
The business model am about to reveal to you can change your life and make you Retire Rich And Young but only one thing can guarantee your success which is ACTION

NOTE OF WARNING: You can finish reading this and decide not to take the neccessary actions, but the next time you want to complain about not having money, just know that you are your own problem.

One thing I will like to draw your attention to is the fact that if you don't have a BIG DREAM you cannot do this business. I know the dream of every man or woman is to travel abroad, own your car(s), live in a mansion, and live a life of financial freedom. 
Do you feel as many do? That money is the root of all evil? This is perhaps the most misquoted statement ever.
The Bible actually says "the love (or worship) of money is the root of all evil." (Timothy 6:10). Know this today, poverty is the root of all evil. Poverty is a diseases, it stinks and you may never know all this until you come out it.
Like Warren Buffet the great American billonaire said "if you don't find a way of making money while you sleep, you will work until you die." He even went further to say if he is given the opportunity to start all over again, he would choose network marketing, and that is because network marketing is the only business that is capable of generating passive income for you even while you are sleeping and snoring. It offers you a golden opportunity to leverage on your small capital and build it into wealth.

Today I will explain how to make money online from La Vita Ricca International. I have been researching on how you can make money online here in Nigeria. There are many ways you can make money online. I discovered that people find it difficult to distinguish between scam and real business. If someone tells you about a business opportunity, take your time go online and research on the business very well before joining them. The funny part is that you will tell someone about an online business the first thing that comes to his or her mind is "scam" when he or she is yet to do a research to find out more. That is ignorance in the highest form. The truth is that serious Nigerians make serious money online today.

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(1) Your Bank Account. (Savings Or Current)
(2) $50 (Ten Thousand Naira)
(3) A Valid Email Address
(4) A Valid Home Address
(5) A Phone Or PC With internet connection.
(6) Your brain
(7) GOD. Yes! Because you need prayers for your business to succeed.

Anybody can do this business. Be it a worker, student, house wife, unemployed, corpers etc. The good thing about this business is that you can do it at your own convenience and it won't distract your daily activities. Even if you have a present source of income, adding another stream to it won't be a bad idea especially in this period when many are complaining about recession.

You can change your lifestyle.


La Vita Ricca compensation plan is a 3x1 and 3x2 Team-Forced matrix system and a uni-level commission earning platform. With this compensation plan, it requires every member to introduce 3 persons each. Once any member introduces more than 3 persons, those extra persons will spill under your three legs. What this does is fill the increased matrix stages faster. We call this the follow your leader principle

This adopted income plan will allow members to earn from 6 different stages. The ONLY requirement is a One-Time entry fee of $50 from those joining the organization through a registered member. That member is then entitled to Fast Mover's Fund of $15 for every new member he introduces who pays the registration fee of $50.

Note:Members can introduce as many new people as possible to fill up the matrix. However, Award qualifying members must have personally registered minimum 3 persons.

Get registered today Click here, check your email for confirmation, you may check spam or inbox, then click on the link. Or for more guidelines contact, Ogiji McCent Igwe on +2348027717397 (WhatsApp).Or Rev Dr. Favour Onyia - +2348035275390

La Vita Rica International....... Explanation

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Rev. Dr. Onyia - Enugu State Co-Ordinator for Lavita Rica reciving his car earning.

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